Expanding ideas for change in Arts and Culture

Open Top Creativity, Inc. is a consulting firm serving arts, education, non-profits, and community organizations with strategic planning, coaching, group facilitation, and program design.

At the center of the Open Top Creativity approach is a commitment to building the capacity of others through authentic collaboration and inclusive participatory engagement.

All stakeholder voices are honored as teams and individuals reimagine their work and create strategies that have an impact.


Utilizing strategic planning methods that engage groups in an inclusive and participatory process designed to activate the collective wisdom of the group by honoring all voices and developing strategies that guide in implementing well thought out plans.


Through inquiry-based conversations, coaching and facilitation is geared towards transforming and assisting clients with discovering their own answers and creating new possibilities for the future.


Supporting schools and arts organizations with implementing equitable and creative approaches to teaching and learning.



Your observations on teaching for creativity and creative though and outcomes for children are wonderfully visual. I can feel the full body of engagement in their comments. Your notes also create a clear understanding of how the maxim “test, Evaluate, Adjust” is working in the classroom and the different ways in which the students take it into their own bodies and minds’.

Kim Zanti, Center for Research on Creativity

Kimberleigh lends insight, compassion and expertise to the many arts education projects that she is involved in around Los Angeles, County. She brings a focused, calming energy to her work. She’s a pleasure to work with!

Faith Childs Davis Ed.D.

Kimberleigh has the unique combination of creative problem solving skills, an effective team player while bringing out the best in others. And all the while as a serious and successful artist.

Linda Johannesen, Entrepreneur and Investor

Kimberleigh is a dynamic workshop facilitator and coach. Her passion for theatre and arts education is infectious. Her supportive and encouraging coaching style inspired me to constantly aim higher and move outside of my comfort zone. I have no doubt that the work I am doing as an arts educator today is a direct result of her mentor-ship. She is incredibly generous with her time, always welcoming us to reach out to her with questions, feedback, and career advice. Her warmth and genuinely positive attitude create an environment ripe for discovery, growth, and community building. She is truly a master of her craft.

France-Luce Benson