Arts Education Consulting

Arts organizations, school districts, and school sites are in critical need of equitable and creative approaches to the teaching and learning process. To that end, it is important to provide strong support for these institutions in order to enable them to make meaningful and impactful changes that benefit all learners.

Professional Development

Customized professional development workshops, aligned with key learning priorities including arts integration, cultural relevance, and the social-emotional wellbeing of both teachers and students. Workshops are delivered virtually and/or in person and also include learning packets and extensions to the professional learning received.

Program and Curriculum Design

Sessions delivered either one-on-one or with a team to develop and customize curricula to reflect the needs of all learners. This includes aligning with the California Arts Standards, addressing equity issues, and ensuring the program design reflects the diversity of all learners.

Through a Theatrical Lens

Theatre workshops or residencies, that provide interactive integrated arts instruction for students or professional development for teachers, with a focus on developing literacy and empathy.

Through engaging in the elements of theatre and its collaborative nature, students are given the opportunity to become more self-aware, increase their ability to self-manage themselves, build relationship skills and become more socially aware of others and the world around them. They will apply theatre strategies to identify main ideas in content, the sequencing of events, probe for deeper meaning, empathize and improve literacy skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing).

Teachers are given the opportunity to experience the transformational power of the arts, and are given theatre-based strategies and social-emotional healing-based resources to integrate into their classroom instruction.