Strategic Planning

Utilizing the Technology of Participation (ToP) strategic planning methods, groups are engaged in an inclusive and participatory process designed to activate the collective wisdom of the group by building consensus, honoring all voices and developing strategies that guide in implementing well-thought-out plans.

The process includes building a shared practical vision, addressing current reality, and identifying strategies that are aligned with key goals and actions for implementation.

Teams are guided step-by-step through an interactive and customized planning process.  The facilitation ensures efficient use of time, keeping the group focused and on track.

Each of the tools embedded within the strategic planning process generates specific outcomes:

  • Design Meeting – What has brought us to where we are today? We will focus on outlining a doable timetable for creating the strategic plan in concert with customizing the approach to meet your unique needs and preferences.
  • Practical Vision Workshop – Vision arises from the depths of our consciousness. The vision workshop guides participants into reimagining their hopes and aspirations for the future. The workshop begins with visualization and reflection as the group ponders a guiding question such as, what do we want to see in place, in three years as a result of our actions?
  • Current Reality/Environmental Scan – Here groups take into account the terrain that needs to be acknowledged as the movement toward the vision begins.
  • Strategic Directions Workshop – During this workshop, the established visionary thinking and the practical reality highlights help mold strategic directions which move the team toward implementing the vision.
  • Implementation Planning – This is where the “rubber hits the road” – We will take the newly developed strategies and outline realistic goals and actions, that the group can own, over a projected timeline.